Dark Moon

Recently the A new valve made game mode has come out similar to 10v10, Colosseum, and Overthrow. As we all know its called Dark Moon and has a daily challenge of getting to round 5 and when you do this you will receive 35,000 points going towards a battle pass which overall is really awesome on valves part, however I do have a few things that I hope will be fixed. Overall the game mode is well made and the rewards are fair, however while in game getting past each individual wave offers very little sense of victory. Because of this I’ve found it difficult to continue playing this for longer than an hour, as its quite honestly not the most enjoyable of mods. One of the biggest issues for this mod is the huge lack of hero diversity, to do well only about one third of the heroes are actually viable and because of this the game mode quickly has me losing interest. Additionally as it stands the mode is too hard, allowing you only to do well with a smaller portion of heroes, adding more of the heroes in the game despite them possibly not being played. Personally, I’ve played a lot of wraith night and I always found Nercophos incredibly fun to play but he isn’t in the hero pool. Despite these problems the mode with the rewards that are gifted to you once you finish really makes up for the lack of enjoyment in the mode itself, until further notice I have to give this mode 7/10, pretty good.

Dark Moon’s Roshan courier

For Information on dark moon click here

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Monkey king, Is he broken?

Despite the recent nerfs to monkey king he is still creating havoc throughout the meta, and many people are asking why. The reason that monkey king is still as powerful as he are as follow

  • his incredible range
  • jingu mastery
  • a good form of movement as well as initiation. 

Now normally this wouldn’t actually be too much of a problem, however with the addition of Echo Sabre It’s just too easy for monkey king to get all 4 stacks of jingu mastery. With boundless strike and the relatively inexpensive and easy to built up to Echo Sabre he already has 3 stacks of the 4 that he needs before a fight as even started, and because of this he’s still quite powerful even with boundless strike doing less damage. I think that the way to fix this problem would be to make jingu mastery take 6 hits instead of 4 because if it takes 6 hits then its at least a challenge to get your incredibly powerful jingu mastery buff.

Access to the most recent patch here

Monkey king New hero