Why am I so unlucky in Overwatch?

I’ve noticed that every time a special event in Overwatch is released I rarely get what I wanted, and I just wanted to complain about how stupidly unlucky I’ve gotten with legendaries. During the Summer Olympics event all I wanted was the Sprinter set for tracer, and this is when I really got into Overwatch for the first time. During this time I managed to grind a full 70 levels, and rather than getting more items or skins I wanted or even didn’t want, I opened up loot boxes with selacao 3 times and boxes with track and field a total of 4 times. I can’t really complain about the Halloween event just because I didn’t really play during that time. However during the Christmas I opened up the Zarya emote 3 times, and didn’t manage to get a single other legendary or even epic.mean while¬†one of my friends got every single relevant Christmas skin aside from yeti for Winston. Now the year of the rooster event has come along and all I want Is the palaquin set for dva, now normally I would be really happy about this many legendaries¬†but just considering what they are really irritates me. During this event I’ve gotten a duplicate steambot for bastion, duplicate toa that I purchased for roadhog, duplicate jester twice, and my first time ever getting two legendaies in a single box I open it up and I see duplicate young Genji, and duplicate cybergoth for Zarya.